Technology advancements and innovation is upending workflow and processes within the financial services industry. Tasks that were once handled with paper money, bulky computers, and human interactions are now being completed entirely by using digital interfaces. FinTech (Financial Technology) is an umbrella that has transformed the way money is managed.

To stay competitive and current, today’s businesses must research and implement new methodologies to increase buy-in and engagement from all their stakeholders across supply chains within their financial networks.  FinTech excels at removing the barriers and challenges associated with using outdated processes and replaces them with streamlined models that focus on bilateral sharing processes and transaction logic across almost every financial activity, from banking to payments to wealth management. FinTech can help increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, resulting in faster information sharing, greater transparency and improved risk management. These factors have collectively contributed to the need and demand for a new business and IT model in financial services industry.

SBSC relies on its deep knowledge and foresight to assist with continuously evaluating, developing and delivering solutions that can transform legacy operating models into new growth channels by using the advantages of innovative technology. Our solutions provide processes that assist with reducing risks, time and costs while at the same time, enhance client / customer satisfaction, competitive advantages and revenues.

  • Payments & Card Services
  • Regulations & Compliance
  • Retail Banking

Areas Covered

Our team can assist your organization across the multiple services lines of your business. We have assisted our clients with:

  1. Infrastructure Health Assessment & Performance.

    Completed assessment of our client’s current IT infrastructure to remove bottlenecks and improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer relations by implementing best practice strategies, conducting spark tanks and increasing resource cross training to promote flexibility.

  2. Process Optimization & Automation

    We reviewed the end-to-end supplier chain ecosystem and implemented process changes that leverage expertise across the organization, dissolved any inward thinking environments, promoted information sharing and access as well as eliminated duplication of effort across the various business areas to align and support the achievement of long-term operational strategies.

  3. Technology Infrastructure Customization

    Worked with partnering organizations to perform a deep dive analysis of their independent systems to identify integration points, perform field mapping and develop customized coding that would allow bi-directional transfer and processing of the transaction and financial data.

  4. IT Project Assessment

    Partnered with clients to improve IT portfolio and project performance and outcomes by meeting with stakeholders to develop the assessment plan, conduct a S.W.O.T analysis of their current project capacities and practices and procedures, develop a report that provides a high-level plan for improvement activities.