As a direct result of changes in patient needs, changes in technology and legislation around privacy and security, the healthcare industry is experiencing rapid change. As patients are becoming more educated about their health, the demands for access to information to allow for easier collaboration between healthcare providers has increased. To meet these needs, providers are seeking tools that allow them to improve patient outcomes, increase quality of care, encourage patient engagement, streamline processes and most importantly; reduce costs.

The current healthcare market is saturated with solutions that promises to address gaps left by traditional monitoring and recording systems; however, most of these systems only focused on depreciating quality and an unstructured platform for patient care. They did very little to streamline the patient care process or reduce the complexity of using these applications. Clinical support systems need to be examined to ensure that they can provide safe, error free and high-quality health care without increasing costs. They also need to be able to streamline and automate processes to increase operational efficiencies.

SBSC provides its clients with resources who have extensive healthcare knowledge, strong healthcare technology expertise and have a comprehensive understanding of compliance and regulation guidelines. Our solutions are designed to exceed industry standards to ensure that your short and long term healthcare technology goals and objectives are met.

  • Medical Technology
  • Healthcare Payers and Delivery Systems
  • Human Resources / Staffing Tools
  • Interface Design & Optimization

Areas Covered

Our diverse medical subject matter experts have supported our clients with the following:

  1. Application Development & Customization

    Defined and documented the existing end-to-end operational processes to develop innovative solutions that addressed identified gaps and current challenges to ensure that they can response effectively to the growing healthcare and technology demands.

  2. Website Custom Interface Design & Optimization

    Our web and user interface design team worked with key stakeholders to design interfaces simple, clean, intuitive and easy to use while providing efficiency and productivity capabilities required by leadership, like seamless integration and navigation across all medical systems.

  3. Infrastructure Health Assessment & Performance

    Completed assessment of our client’s current IT infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and improve opportunities to reduce costs, and improve patient care and engagement by outlining recommendations and detailed roadmap for implementation of best practice strategies to increasing resource cross training to promote flexibility.

  4. Program Implementation / Project Management

    Our multi-disciplinary team performed assessments to identify potential barriers to implementation and develops appropriate strategies that facilitate a smooth, successful rollout and adoption of project governance policies. They also provide end-to-end life cycle project management to ensure that the approved plans, milestones, and goals are achieved.

  5. Health Records Management

    Developed vigorous records management solutions that automated and transferred physical records management processes into the digital space by leveraging our cutting edge digital conversion services. Our customizable health management ensures that the client’s protected health information was secure and compliant by industry, legal and government standards.